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How to best utilize the DNRS resources: 


1.  Attend a 5 day interactive seminar where you will have certified instructors available to guide you through the process of learning the program.  They are there to assist in answering your questions.


2.  Due to health conditions and sensitivities, some are unable to attend a seminar.  This would have been me.  I could not travel on a plane or be near radiation sources, so I purchased the DVDs which were quite reasonable considering all of the money that I had spent using many treatments.  In my case, I also purchased the printed transcript, as I was not sure how well my body would tolerate watching the DVDs.  I was able to watch them at a distance from the computer and I used the transcription booklet as a way to go back and review any concept that I missed.  Once you purchase the DVDs you have access to an online community forum which consists of others participating in the program and many tips and resources to assist in recovery.  Once I was healthier, I began to use this online community as my connection to others recovering.  This was very helpful to me.


3.  I suggest  accessing  coaching by phone or video conferencing.  This is a great resource especially at the beginning of the program, to ensure key concepts are being correctly incorporated into practice.  This ensures that you are implementing the program correctly and will make progress.  Coaches serve as partners during the recovery journey and are invaluable resources.


4.  Purchase the book written by Annie Hopper, Wired for Healing.  This explains the science behind the program. Testimonials are included from a range of symptoms related to those suffering from limbic system trauma.


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